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The Fashionable Republic of Bimboland was founded by Miss Bimbo in 2007. After escaping persecution in the west Miss Bimbo (aka Sindy Laarson) left on a boat with other bimbo exiles and stumbled upon the remote islands that make up modern-day Bimboland.

The 8 islands that make up the new republic were united to form the modern day Fashionable Republic of Bimboland. The population of Bimboland continues to grow in part to its friendly community and relaxed immigration laws.

The republic is run by the President (Miss Bimbo) and the Prime Bimbo (elected Bimbo). Elections take place every 4 months for the democratically elected Prime Bimbo.

The government is pushing for a place to become the first member of the United Nations that is an internet republic.